Manage Application Data (Drive > Settings > Manage Apps)
Number of columns to display. More columns can be scrolled into view using the mouse wheel or cursor keys.
Number of columns to display in portrait mode on mobile devices.
Auto-scroll to current month. If not selected, the view will always start at the beginning of the year.
Auto-scroll offset. For example, -2 will cause the date range to start from two months ago, 0 will start with the current month.
First month of year.
Weekends. (0=Sun, 1=Mon, 2=Tue, 3=Wed, 4=Thu, 5=Fri, 6=Sat)
Align weekends.
Font scale.
Opacity of past months. (1 = opaque)
Banner text.
Month names.
Show event time.
Show event title.
Show event marker.
Use event colour for title text.
Display event markers in proportion to their actual duration. Events outside the visible event range will not be shown.
Start hour of visible event range.
End hour of visible event range.
Show 'all day' events.
Single day as multi-day (vertical bar).
Show 'timed' events.
Show multi-day events as single-day events on each day.
First day only.
Width of event marker.
Opacity of multi-day event. (1 = opaque)
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